HTC Teases New BoomSound for 2014 HTC Flagship


HTC has always been pretty good at branding their various smartphone technologies, from Ultrapixel cameras, to speakers with BoomSound capabilities, it’s pretty clear at this point that HTC’s next flagship will be filled with lots of buzzwords, software and hardware capabilities.

BoomSound is one of these technologies, and it’s the name that HTC have given their speakers on most of their smartphones. Personally, I do agree that HTC’s speaker quality is usually a lot better than it’s competition, so I guess they deserve to give it a weird and wacky name.

A new teaser video was just put up on YouTube which shows a man in a labcoat describing down to the very last technical detail exactly what BoomSound is and how it works. He speaks fast, and it’s meant to be a jokingly funny way to spread awareness of HTC’s BoomSound technology.

The video then goes on to show a bunch of inane noises that BoomSound can apparently “improve.”

At the end of the video the labcoat tech head goes on to explaining the ‘all new HTC One.’ A pixel blur effect is applied to what looks like a smartphone, and everything the tech guy says after that point is also muted.

There are a few things to take from this video. Firstly, the man in the video gave the new smartphone the name ‘the all new HTC One,’ perhaps hinting at the name of the upcoming flagship by HTC.

Secondly, there will be a more refined BoomSound speaker in the all new HTC One, and thirdly, there are probably going to be at least a few more videos like this one showing off new technologies that will make their way into the new HTC One. You can watch the video in the source.


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