Invitations for Feb 13th Event Suggest LG G Pro 2 Launch

LG G Pro

LG G Pro

A new report from Korea suggests that LG have been sending out invitations to an event scheduled for February 13, where it’s likely that the anticipated LG G Pro 2 device will be announced and revealed to the public.

Previous rumors already suggested that LG had prepared a February launch for the G Pro 2, and it’s very likely that this event will finally unveil the new smartphone. Despite being within the same month of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, it’s unclear if the new G Pro 2 will be announced alongside the event, or at a event separate from MWC.

Either way, February is proving to be a very hot month for new smartphone releases, and we’ve been keeping our eye on the LG G Pro 2 for a while now.

Despite being released around the same time as other flagships, the G Pro 2 is in fact part of LG’s phablet line, and it will not be replacing the G line. Instead, the LG G Pro 2 is being considered as an upgraded phablet version of the LG G2, similarly to how the Note lineup is usually a large screen rendition of the same specs found within that year’s Galaxy flagship.

The invite has been given the tagline “Knock-knock knockin’ on,” so it’s likely the LG G Pro 2 will come with the same knock-on software first seen on the LG G2.

So far, rumors suggest that along with the LG software feature, the G Pro 2 will come with a 6 inch 1080 x 1920 resolution display, a Snapdragon 800 chipset, and 3GB of RAM. No confirmation on these specs yet, but the event later this month should reveal all.

We’ll keep you updated all throughout the month with information on the LG G Pro 2, as well as any more smartphone releases that happen in and outside of MWC.


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