LG G Pro 2 Shown in Knock Code Feature Preview

LG G Pro 2

LG G Pro 2

One of the few features that managed to propel last year’s G2 to popularity was the KnockOn feature, a function that would allow users of the smartphone to double tap the display to wake it up from sleep, and then shut it off again.

This year, LG has introduced another feature, and this will be making a debut on the LG G Pro 2. The future has been called Knock Code, and it will take the KnockOn function a big step further.

With Knock Code on the LG G Pro 2, users will be able to set a pattern of knocks, consisting between two to eight taps, and then assign this pattern to turn on the display. The interesting thing about Knock Code is that knocks can be tapped anywhere on the screen, and you can potentially create an invisible lock code that most user’s will not know.

Your specific knock code will be able to unlock your device, and should work as an extra security level for the LG G Pro 2.

The only concern is that the display can still be turned on, and thief’s or unwanted people holding your phone will still be able to get past the lock screen by using your Google account email and password associated with this device.

For this reason, the new Knock Code feature on the LG G Pro 2 will simply be an additional level of security to the current system, and it doesn’t stop any real malicious attempts to gain data from your device if a thief were to know your personal Google account details.

Besides the security functions, Knock Code does not any other functionality – it would be nice to see specific knock patterns that could make the phone open up into different applications or complete certain tasks.

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