More Project Ara Details Revealed by Google

Project Ara Details Revealed by Google

Project Ara Details Revealed by Google

Yesterday, I wrote an article that described Google’s plan for a developer’s conference event to shed some light on the upcoming Project Ara concept, and today, some more details have been revealed by Google about the project.

However, this time round, the details have been shared with consumers in mind. Google gave a bit of information on what the end product would look like, how customers could buy it, and what it may end up costing.

Paul Eremenko from Google has explained that the team behind Project Ara are currently working on creating a “grayphone” shell which would cost $50. This product would include the frame and main board for attaching extra modules, a screen, and a WiFi radio.

From there, users will be able to purchase and attach their own modules of their choosing. The main frames have been named endoskeletons, or “endos” for short, and will come in three different sizes.

The smallest size will be the equivalent to mini devices, the medium size will be for standard sized smartphones, and the large frame will be for phablets. So far, the modules connect via pin connectors, and the medium board can support up to 10 modules. Surprisingly, the whole design will end up being quite streamlined, at around 9.7mm.

As for release dates, Eremenko says Google are still working on a prototype that is far away from completion, and he has stated that the company aim to get the first Project Ara device available to the public by quarter 1, 2015.

It’s interesting to finally hear some news about the Project Ara device, and hopefully we’ll hear more and more about the product, as well as maybe see it in action, closer to it’s launch date. 2015 is still a whole year away, but I’m hoping that it will be worth the wait.

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