Apple TV to Sell 1 Million Units this Week



It has been reported that the new generation Apple TV’s is set to break the 1 million sales mark this week. The new sets have gone on sale in September at lowered prices and have been a sales success, according to Apple.

The new generation Apple TV sets provides more cost-effective means for images, video and music to be sent from iTunes to the television. The device is also AirPlay compatible, which allows media to be sent between Apple devices wirelessly. A remote application also allows the Apple TV to be controlled via the iPhone and iPad.

Apple said in a statement that since the launch of the new device, rentals and sales of movies have increased significantly from within the iTunes store. According to Apple, TV shows alone now total more than 400,000 downloads per day.

Previous versions of the device included a hard drive on which media could be stored. This was the main reason for being priced significantly more than the new generation sets.


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