Chinese Police Enlist Internet Users in Crime Scene Investigations


It has been reported that Police in China are offering cash and other rewards to encourage Internet users to help solve criminal investigations.
According to the report, authorities in the far-western region of Xinjiang has posted a photograph of a crime scene online and offered a reward of 500 to 5,000 yuan in cash or QQ coin for information about the case.

QQ Coin is a form of online currency that registered members of the instant messaging service can use to buy virtual goods such as games and music.
To date no successful information has been received by authorities, who still believe that the idea is a good way to tap into the country’s vast online population, which currently has more than 420 million users.

Authorities in the eastern province of Jiangsu had more success with their online venture last month, when they offered 10,000 yuan for information about a criminal case. An online user contacted police and identified the suspect as his friend.

According to authorities, police have to keep up with modern times and it is necessary for them to mix traditional investigation methods with modern information tools and platforms.


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