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FxCamera needs little explanation. It’s a free (and discreetly ad-supported) app for your Android device that lets you apply a range of zany and arty effects on to your snaps. There’s a broad selection of effects to choose from, so you’re bound to find something that appeals. The biggest limitation is that you can only customise photos as you take them; there’s no facil¬ity to load a picture already stored on your device and add effects to it after the fact.

Among the filters included, FishEye and Polandroid offer subtle artiness, mak-ing your picture appear to have been shot with an extreme wide-angle lens or a traditional instant film camera. Other effects are more radical. You’ve probably got a fair idea what’s going to happen if you choose the AndyWarholizer option. We got mixed results with this Pop Art effect, but had lots of fun playing. Images with hard, distinct outlines worked well, while fuzzy edges were less successful.

For out and out weirdness the Symmetri-Cam option wins. You position the subject in the left half of the screen (held horizontally). Click the Shot button and you’ll get a mirror of it on the right.

This app has had a few issues with Defy handsets, but we had no problems on a Milestone 2 or an LG Optimus. For a freebie, FxCamera is good, straightforward fun.


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