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Astrid Task

A productivity tool that syncs not only with your calendar but also with online task manager Remember the Milk, Astrid Task organizes your tasks by prioritized colored tabs and lets you check them off as you complete them.

Tasks appear in a list organized by the date and time you set for their completion. The colour of the bar on the right indicates each task’s urgency. Tapping the bar lets you start a timer or edit the entry. Astrid provides quite a few options for task entry: you can set importance using colored exclamation marks, append tags, estimate how long a task will take and add notes to a task.

The Dates tab includes options for both an Absolute Deadline and a Goal Deadline (perfect for procrastinators), and Hide lets you tuck a task out of sight until you’re ready. You can sync Astrid to your calendar, repeat a task, list how much time you’ve already spent on it, and set alerts to remind you as deadlines approach – or after. Usefully, it also reminds you to clean up old tasks. A few tweaks wouldn’t hurt, but this neat app will keep you sorted.


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