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Cestos is a casual strategy game in which you fling marbles to knock your opponent’s marbles into holes. Easy, right? Not quite. Each time you move a marble, in its former resting place appears a land mine. The mine takes a second or so to arm itself; then, if any marble gets close enough, the blast will fling the marble with sufficient force to send it ricocheting wildly around the playing field.

Cestos doesn’t pit you against Al. Two to four players, in real time, battle over the net.
So the real challenge comes from the unpredictability of your rivals. When you join a game, you’re paired with an opponent at random; they may decide to fling their marbles directly at yours, or rebound them off the walls using a more subtle strategy.

The six ‘maps’ each feature their own style of gameplay, but the Last player stand¬ing with at least one marble always wins.
Cestos is understated, fun and endlessly challenging. Our only caveats are that the teen-dominated chat in the ‘lobby’ gets foul-mouthed at times and the app chews through your device’s battery power.


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