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tweetcaster for android


Plenty of Twitter apps are available for Android, but how many do you need? Just one: Tweetcaster does everything you’d want, in an attractive interface.

If you have multiple accounts, you can sign in to them all. Tweetcaster will take you to your home¬page, adding tabs along the top for your feed, replies, inbox, favourites and lists. An arrow lets you flip between Twitter accounts. Trends or Nearby tweets (always entertaining). The Search function, like the rest of the app, is simple and responsive.

When you post a new Tweet, a blue box with an eye lets you split the screen between the feed and your current entry box – a neat but not entirely useful trick. The character counter button also lets geotag, shrink a URL, add a picture or include a username. The Menu button offers a list of Followers and Following along with settings (under ‘More’) including a quick follow option and the ability to switch from the default ‘light screen’ to dark. The user interface is so appealing that we prefer Tweetcaster to Twitter itself – and that’s saying something.


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