Google Brings Video Chat to Android


Google Brings Video Chat to Android

On its Google Mobile Blog, the company recently made an announcement of the imminent arrival of its video chat software for Android devices, Google Talk with video. Although there are a number of applications that already allow video chat on Android devices, Google Talk is set to become part of the forthcoming Android operating system update.

Google Talk with video will allow Android users to video chat with others using either the same software or Gmail with Google Talk on computers. Users will be in a position to make calls over 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi.

Google explained on their blog: “In your Google Talk friends list, a video or voice chat button will appear next to your contacts and you can simply touch the button to connect with them. Any text chats from the person you’re talking with will be overlaid on your phone’s screen so you can read them without having to leave the video.” The post continues, “And, if you need to check something else, the video pauses automatically so you can go back to your phone’s home screen or another app. The audio will keep going even though the video has paused.”

Google Talk for Android devices isn’t just available as yet. According to Google it will be coming to Samsung Nexus S devices over the next few weeks as part of the Android 2.3.4 update and then to other Android 2.3+ devices after that.

If you are an Android fan who has waited for Google Talk to hit your device, it would appear that your wait is finally over!


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