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McAfee WaveSecure Android


The jury is still out on how susceptible smartphones really are to viruses and other forms of attack, but it’s wise to lock your device just in case. While a worm or other web or email-bound nasty may pose a threat to the data stored on your handset, it’s far more likely that your personal files, email logs, PayPal or credit card details will be vulnerable when someone steals the hardware. While you can probably cope with someone ‘borrowing’ your phone and posting a cheeky Facebook update in your name, it’s a more serious issue if strangers are able to get at your emails and find out personal information.

WaveSecure adds peace of mind by automatically locking your Android device, making its contents inaccessible. Remote data wiping is supported on some newer Android models, but this app deserves credit for being free and incredibly easy to use -something all too rare in a security product.

As one user wrote in wry appreciation of this app: “I bought a Nexus One on Craigslist. It was stolen – he got it back.”


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