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Skifta App review

Skifta is a useful application for Android users who need to have remote access to their photos, video and music. Not only will Skifta allow users with remote access to the media, but it will also allow the user to play content on a separate remote device.

With Skifta, users can stream and control media between Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) enabled devices. Users will have access to their media, whether it is in next room, or the users is halfway around the world away from the content.

Setup and Use

The application is easy to set up and use. The instructions on setting up the application are easy to understand and follow. Once completed, the user will have access to all his or her music, videos and photos on one device and playing it from another.

The easy in using Skifta is the fact that users do not need to make multiple copies of their media and taking this along with them whenever they leave their premises. Instead, media is simply placed on a media server from where it can be accessed remotely, using the Skifta application.

Once Skifta is installed, the user can choose the media source, whether it is local or based in the cloud. Simply browse to find the required music, video or photo and then choose the player on which you want to play back the content.

With this technology, as an example, you can start playing your music while you are still on your way home from work. Users can even start playing music from a home server at a party 100 miles away from home.


Skifta operated flawlessly on all DLNA certified devices. At the time of testing the application it was still in Beta, and we did experience some forced closes while setting up the application. Once the app has been installed, the majority of the problems experienced have gone away.

In Beta version, the application only supported Wi-Fi. The developers, however, did promise that a 3G-supported will be made available soon. The lack of 3G support may be a deal-breaker for many users as Wi-Fi may not be as readily available as 3G.

In The End…
Using Skifta has been a pleasurable experience, with very little hick-ups. Unfortunately, the application is still in Beta phase and users may experience some problems while making use of it – hence the Beta alert.

As mentioned earlier, the lack of 3G support prevented us from making use of the device in several areas we travelled, which was quite upsetting, but understandable.

We would strongly recommend users to make use of the application to test the features and familiarize oneself with the applications. We belief that this app will be a killer once the Beta testing phase is over and 3G support has been activated!


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