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The AndroMote Remote Control Review

If you have UPnP devices around your home, the AndroMote may be well worth installed on your phone. With AndroMote, users can use their mobile phones as a remote control with UPnP network media players in order to control playback of media on the network devices.

The application can also turn a mobile phone into a networked media player enabling users to access content held on UPnP servers.

This application can be used to view photos, watch videos or listed to music.

Installation and Usage
Installation and usage is very easy. Upon testing the system we did run into some problems when viewing pictures. There is no thumbnail view for picture albums, which makes it difficult for users to know what picture will be displayed next.

The application is also not in a position to stream videos, and users need to download them first before they can be played.

In short, the device actually works best for streaming music.

In the End…
The AndroMote Remote Control is easy to use, with a clear and understandable user interface.

Unfortunately, the application cannot be used to its full potential, and there is a lot of room for improvement. As mentioned earlier, the application does not allow for image previews and video streaming.

Currently, the application is perfect for music streaming. If you are looking for more, the AndroMote may not be the solution for you.


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