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TwonkyMedia Server TwonkyMedia Server

TwonkyMedia Server Mobile was announced earlier this year at the world CES held in Las Vegas. The application allows users to stream media from an Android phone to any UPnP or DLNA capable device on a network. This includes a computer, Xbox or Playstation 3 amongst a list of other devices.

Installation and Operation

Installing and operating the system is not as easy as one might want it to be. The application requires some reading and playing around before it is figured out.

Once we managed to get everything up and running the application appeared to be working perfectly! There were absolutely no glitches in playing both audio and video files. We were impressed with the quality and operations of the application!

The problems

Although the installation guide was clear, we still took more than an hour to figure out how the application should work. This could be a draw-back to many users. The Twonky Server App came with absolutely no directions at all.

Another draw-back is the fact that many people will not be happy with just streaming content from their phones to their other media devices with TwonkyMedia Server Mobile. In fact, people would prefer the opposite – getting content on their mobile phones from elsewhere.

In order to overcome this problem, we also installed the TwonkyMedia manager on our PC. Unfortunately, this came at a price of $39.95.

In the End…
TwonkyMedia do have a suite of products, which can be used to stream media back and forth from your media devices and Android phone. This will, however, come at quite a hefty price tag in order to make use of all the offerings from the company.

We still have a problem with the installation and usage manual, which is not as easy to use as one would like it to be. Those with little technical background may not be in a position to operate the package at all.

Users need to keep in mind that they will require a UPnP client in order to view content on their devices.

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