5 Android apps for small business owners and professionals on the go


VNC Viewer android app

Android is a mature and very stable operating system, and while it was not designed with business professionals in mind (Google wanted it to be more like iOS, for consumers), it can perform any tasks you throw at it and has excellent support for enterprise features. Plus, if there’s any functionality missing, you can almost certainly find it in the form of a third party app on the marketplace.

That’s why a lot of entrepreneurs have chosen an Android-based phone as their main mobile companion, and with the advent of tablet PCs like the Galaxy Tab and more powerful smartphones like the new Nexus S, the trend will most likely continue.

With that in mind, here are just a few apps that you can find on the Android marketplace and which can really help you in your business and day to day life.

Documents to Go. Any kind of business requires the use of documents, and in order to be able to edit or even view Word, Excel, PDF and other files on your Android device, you’ll have to install a mobile office app. Documents to Go is the best suite for opening and editing documents, and it supports almost all of the most popular file formats on the market, both from Microsoft, Adobe, Apple and others. With it, you’ll always be able to open documents, email attachments, PDF forms and other files and edit them as you see fit.

Documents to Go android app

Astro File Manager. You will undoubtedly have a lot of files and documents on your phone if you’re using it for work. That’s why you’ll need a file manager that will help you keep them in check. Astro File Manager is the best there is, and it’s very easy to use.

Astro File Manager android app

Talk to Me. Talk to Me is an amazing translator app that seems impossible at first. But once you learn how it works it all becomes clear: Talk to Me uses the Google Translate engine to translate anything to and from most languages on Earth. You can just input or say what you need in English, and it will translate it into the language you need. For the most popular languages, it also has a voice feature that reads the translation out loud.

Talk to Me android app

Kayak Flights. If your business makes you fly a lot, there is no better app to have than Kayak Flights on your Android smartphone. This app will help you save a lot of money and headaches by let you carefully plan any flights, find the best times and prices, and even reserve tickets online.

Kayak Flights android app

VNC Viewer. If you’re in any IT business, you will most probably need to connect to remote servers once in a while or even on a regular basis. VNC Viewer is the best client there is for Android that lets you connect to any VNC server using a Wifi or 3G connection, and work remotely like you were in front of the computer. It is a direct port from the Linux version of VNC Viewer, and has all the advanced features you can think of.

VNC Viewer android app 2
There are a lot of other great apps that can help you in your business on the Android marketplace, and they’re only a few taps away once you open the app on your phone. Though you should definitely check out the above apps before you search for others – they can really come in handy.


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