AT&T customers get ready for the Moto X release


Motorola has not released any sort of smartphone that made a difference in a while and that is most likely the reason that the Moto X has been getting so much attention. Rumors and leaked images have been showing up for the course of the last month and now AT&T has finally stepped into the light to reveal exactly what customers can expect when the phone goes on sale next week. According to online sources, the phone will be ready to purchase on the 23rd of August and if you are looking for a new device with 16GB of internal memory, the Moto X is just that for only $199.99 with a new two-year contract.

Motorola Moto X smartphone

Motorola Moto X smartphone

If you are not too keen on spending the money upfront for the device, you can join the AT&T Next program and pay just $27 per month on top of your normal data plan for the 16GB model. If you are looking to have the most internal memory that you can get, the 32GB model is just $249.99, or just $32 per month with the AT&T Next plan. There is a group of customers signed up to get early access to the device and they will most likely be seeing a shipment coming their way first.

The Moto X will also be shipping with a Skip gratis for a limited time. According to reports, the Moto X will be shipping in a multiple of color options and even though you will not be able to get them all at retail outlets, you can at least see the colors next to one another before deciding which one fits your personality. Once you decide on a color, you can then head to the Motorola website and place the order for your customized phone.

Jeff Bradley, senior vice president at AT&T said:

“We’re excited to be the first carrier to offer you a chance to design a smartphone that’s truly yours”

and continued with

“We’ve worked closely with Motorola to create a tailored display, sales, and distribution processes to get these customized devices into your hands quickly so you can start enjoying all Moto X has to offer, all on the nation’s fastest and most reliable 4G LTE network.”

Designing your new smartphone is as easy as choosing a color option for front and back, accent colors for the power, volume and camera, plus adding a short message with your name on the back side of the device.


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