Nokia adds Amber software update to Windows 8 Lumia phones


Nokia is still trying to get a good hold on some market share within the mobile industry and by keeping handsets updated, that is certainly a good start. Nokia recently announced plans to update Lumia smartphones that are powered by the Windows 8 software and the update will bring along with it a host of features and improvements that will certainly make the update worth your time. The new update by Nokia is showing that the company is willing to build on Microsoft has already started and that is only going to be a good thing for mobile consumers.

The Amber software update will introduce new features like FM Radio, Google Calendar and more. Once the update has been downloaded to Lumia handsets, other apps will be compatible with it. For example, the Nokia Lumia 925 came with the Smart Camera app from Nokia and if the Amber update is on your phone, you will not be able to download that app as well. This will help to align all of the Nokia phones that have been released with the Windows Phone GDR2 update. The Smart Camera app will allow consumers to select the best image from a batch of 10 photos that were taken.

If you own the Nokia Lumia 920, 820, 720, 620, 520, 928, 822, 521 or the 810 should be getting an notification within the next few days or up to the end of September, and that will allow you to download and install the update over-the-air. If you have the Nokia Lumia 625, 925 or the 1020 smartphone you were lucky enough to have the software pre-installed on the device. Besides getting the Nokia Smart Camera app installed, other apps that will be enabled include the Pro Camera app for video, but this one is only available on three devices namely the Lumia 920, 925 and the 928.

The Pro Camera app from Nokia was first featured on the Lumia 1020 and if you remember, that is the device that comes with the huge 41MP camera sensor. The Amber software will also come with a new screen that is displayed when the phone is inactive. It is called the “glance screen” and on it will be the clock and battery level of your handset. The only two smartphones that will not be able to use the glance screen are the Lumia 625 and 520.

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