The Nismo watch – concept smartwatch from Nissan

NISMO watch concept

NISMO watch concept

Nissan unexpectedly announced very surprising gadget – the Nismo watch. Nismo watch is a concept smartwatch device, which claims to be the first gadget connecting the driver and the car.

The smartwatch using a smartphone app and Bluetooth LE for communication with the car and acts similar to the recently announced Samsung Galaxy Gear

Main features of the Nissan Nismo watch include possibility to monitor efficiency of the average vehicle speed and performance data on track, fuel consumption, capturing biometric data via a heart rate monitor, and Nissan specific messages from the car.

In addition, using Nissan’s proprietary Social Speed app, Nismo Watch will track and rate social performance of the driver across big social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Nissan Nismo watch

Nissan Nismo watch

The Nismo smartwatch will use lithium battery with 7 days of approximate battery life and will use a micro-USB for the charging.

Nissan Nismo smartwatch will be available in three colours – black, white and the flagship black and red.


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