Dual Screen YotaPhone Making it’s way to International Markets

Dual Screen YotaPhone

Dual Screen YotaPhone

The mobile industry is an incredibly competitive market that criticizes any who try to enter it and claim a new mobile design of theirs is “innovative.” Because of this, it’s rare that new mobile manufacturers ever get a chance to shine at the top spot without pushing past everybody else first.

This doesn’t mean innovation in the mobile market isn’t a good thing though, and I, along with many others, would love to see more innovative ideas hit the industry.

One such idea is the dual screen YotaPhone, an Android powered mobile handset that has two screens in one. One of the screens is a typical LCD display, and the second screen is a power friendly e-ink display on the back of the handset.

The idea behind the dual screen YotaPhone is backed by minds in Russia who set out to develop a device that offers low power notifications and simple browsing, whilst still having the option to use a power sapping color display as well.

Whether this idea will ever catch on is hard to say at this point, but the dual screen YotaPhone will soon be available internationally, sometime before Christmas.

As well as the 4.3 inch e-ink display and the 4.3 inch 720P LCD display, the dual screen YotaPhone will also be running Android 4.2.2 and will be powered by a dual core 1.7GHz processor, 2GB of RAM, and 32GB or 64GB of storage.

It’s interesting to see the YotaPhone wield an extra 1GB of RAM when the processor is still quite underpowered, especially considering RAM is thought to be one of the most expensive components of a mobile device.

Because of their interesting specification descisions, as well as the included 4.3 inch e-ink display, it will be interesting to see what price the dual screen YotaPhone will go for.

Current rumors are suggesting that the handset may be priced similarly to the recent international Moto G handset.


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