ASUS invites the press to ‘In Search of Incredible’ January 6th event

ASUS in search of incredible

ASUS in search of incredible

A few select mobile press and journalism outlets have recently received an invitation from ASUS to attend the upcoming ‘In Search of Incredible’ event.

The in Search of Incredible event will be hosted on January 6th by ASUS in Las Vegas, before CES 2014 takes the main stage one day later.

Seeing as ASUS hasn’t exactly got much of a market share in the mobile industry when compared to the big guns, it’s interesting to see ASUS taking the bold steps to host an event outside of CES 2014, as it will be putting their company on an equal pedestal with the likes of Samsung and Apple.

However, I’ve always been an advocate of ASUS’s innovative design ideas that have blessed the smartphone industry over the last few years, and I believe ASUS deserve a chance to impress the world. ASUS has already innovated the market by bridging gaps between tablets and notepads with the Transformer series of devices, and perfected a device that allows users to turn their smartphone into a tablet, and with an event named ‘in Search of Incredible,’ I am actually quite excited for what ASUS may be planning to show.

So, what can we actually expect from ASUS at the In Search of Incredible event? Well, if we don’t see anything incredible, it’s most likely that ASUS will instead be introducing the FonePad, PadFone and PadFone Mini devices to the rest of the world, as at this point in time their availability is still quite limited.

If this is not the case, then maybe ASUS have something very special tucked up their sleeves. At this time, it’s really not a good idea to take guesses, but I’m definitely waiting to find out exactly what they have planned for their event on January 6th. Make sure to like our social platforms to receive news on the ASUS event and CES 2014 this January as soon as it becomes available.

Source: Android Beat


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