HTC One can Now Be Purchased Through a Financing Plan



HTC is still trying to claw back and stay a prominent player in the smartphone game, and despite the HTC One being heralded as one of the best smartphones this year, it’s still not selling amazingly, and HTC are doing their best to change that.

In a new campaign to offer users a better chance at owning a new HTC One, HTC will be offering a financing plan for an unlocked model of their flagship who can’t afford to pay the full $600 price tag up front.

The HTC One financing plan will allow customers to own the HTC One with $0 up front, and then pay over time in monthly installments for the device. The current price is set at $25 for 24 months, meaning that although you’re getting the device up front and paying later, you won’t be paying any extra than if you were to buy it up front.

The new HTC One financing plan sounds like a great opportunity for those that can commit to paying prices monthly, however if you miss a payment you’ll end up racking up prices. One missed payment will lead customers to having to pay an extra 29.99% interest on top of the original HTC One financing plan cost.

However, this is an understandable offer, seeing as many customers may feel the temptation to try and rob HTC of a handset without paying for it.

This seems like a good deal, but seeing as it won’t come bundled with any data, minutes or texts, it means you’ll have to pay as you go for actually using the phone, and that could rack up prices heavily.

Personally I think it makes more sense to pay a tiny bit up front from a mobile network and then pay similar prices as the HTC One financing plan per month for the handset and a mobile contract with bundled minutes, texts and data.

Would you be interested in the HTC One financing plan? Let us know in the comments.


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