You Can Now Download your Google Play Music for Offline Listening

Google Play Music App

Google Play Music App

One of the biggest problems with today’s music streaming industry is that most of the content you purchase or stream online never really feels like it’s yours to own. To amplify this problem, many online music stores that allow you to buy online albums and songs don’t let you listen to the music you’ve purchased unless you stream it directly from their servers.

This was the original standing for the fairly newly launched Google Play Music service, but a new update changes the rules completely.

It’s now possible for Android users to go into the Google Play Music store and purchase any song or album, and then download the song for offline listening. Not only that, but those who do this will also be able to download it to their external SD card for listening on other devices. This same system can be applied when using the Google Play Music store from a desktop computer or laptop.

One of the most requested features for Google’s music streaming service was for Google to add the option to download your Google Play Music for offline listening, and it’s great to see that they have finally delivered.

This is another step by Google to match the demand of offline content users are hoping to access on their smartphone, and with the added Google Play Music feature that allows you to download your Google Play music for offline listening, they are one step closer to rivaling iTunes, which is has held the online music store crown since online music became a thing.

There isn’t much information on restrictions for listening to the music through a different Google account when offline, but on the Google Support website it does state that – “If you change the account that you use with Google Play Music, you’ll need to download your songs again to listen to them offline.” However, this doesn’t quite explain whether users will be restricted from listening to their music if they sign out of their Google account whilst offline.

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