Issues Arise with the LG G Flex Curved Display

LG G Flex Curved Display bumps

LG G Flex Curved Display bumps

I have a feeling both LG and Samsung were having a little race between themselves when they both announced their curved display smartphones around the same time as each other, but unfortunately this rush to the market may have been detrimental to LG.

Whilst Samsung’s Galaxy Round has been left in the dust as a “test product” by Samsung to allow them to dip their feet into the water’s curves, LG has instead decided to make the LG G Flex a device that will be widely available across the globe.

Because LG has in a sense rushed the LG G Flex to market, there could prove to be a wide range of issues with the device that come into the public’s eye, and the first thing that’s already been picked up are signs of wear on the curved display of the LG G Flex.

Owners of the LG G Flex have reported that after bending their device, small bumps have appeared on the 6 inch smartphone display. They look similar to the kind of air pockets that can appear when placing a screen protector on a smartphone, however unlike those air pockets, it doesn’t look like they can be removed.

LG has issued a statement about the issue, and has assured users that the small bumps will not impact the performance of the LG G Flex in any way.

To further prove my point that LG released this in a frantic hurry to be their before Samsung, a representative for the Korea display industry association, “LG was rather hesitant in releasing its curved-screen smartphone, as it was previously aware of some technical problems. LG should have notified consumers ahead of the product launch.”

If you’ve got your hands on an LG G Flex and have this problem, you will unfortunately have to learn to live with it.

Source: The Koreatimes


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