Samsung Galaxy Tab vs. Apple iPad review


Samsung Galaxy Tab vs. Apple iPad review on GadgetMania

There is no way any market can dominate over the whole of a market base in a location. Probably that is the reason why I believe that Samsung Galaxy Tab is going to be an excellent competition to the running iPad market. Steve Jobs is always confident with his products but there is no way that one company rules forever. It might be one today and the other next day.

Apple is certainly the company that introduced Tablet PC technology to the world but the latest news coming from different parts of the world are a clear evidence that iPad is going to see a lot of competition coming in the next few months with the launch of Samsung Galaxy Tab followed by a number of Windows 7 Tablet PCs. The Samsung Galaxy S smartphones have been very impressive in the market and so will be the Galaxy Tab as expected by most of the analysts and me.

There are a few predefined features that set up the credibility of a device in the world of technology. Size is the most important one perhaps. iPad might be an excellent option compared to the laptops with just a weight of 1.5 pounds but a book needs to be even lighter than that to impress. The height and width are other factors. Samsung Galaxy Tab weighs no more than 0.84 pounds and the size is also reasonable cutting the width and height by several inches. This sets Samsung to be the winner in the first dimension under consideration.

There has been nothing about the price of Samsung Galaxy Tab as yet so we cannot surely compare both devices on the ground of price tag. This will be determined when the Tablet will be finally available in the stores.

Speed is the third factor to be considered and this comes to a draw here as both the Tablets are having 1GHz processors while the technology is same in both the Tablets i.e. A8 Cortex CPU. Both devices will perform extra ordinary in terms of speed so no preset determinations here.

The screen domain is certainly taken over by iPad because of the enormous 9.7 inch screen as well as the most efficient backlit LED display. The display ratio in Samsung Galaxy Tab is the same as that in iPad but it is the resolution that sets a lot of difference. iPad is the winner in this domain.

Applications are another of the domains that set iPad higher on the ranking. This is just because of a few glitches. Apple App Store if filled with applications that runs on iPad while the screen resolution of Samsung Galaxy Tab does not make it suitable for even most of the applications that are in the store already. Each Android Tablet varies in size thus making it unsuitable for developers to focus on a certain screen resolution.

Apple’s iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab set another draw when it comes to storage. Apple has got an inbuilt storage of 32GB so does the Samsung Galaxy Tab. In addition to the internal storage in the Galaxy Tab, there is a microSD slot that can hold a memory card of up to 32GB setting it to have an edge on the overall.

Camera has become an effective part of Tablets and smartphones lately. iPad missed the whole sector setting Samsung Galaxy Tab to be the only winner. The front of Samsung Galaxy Tab features a 1.3 megapixel camera for video conferencing while the one of the back is a 3.2 megapixel that is capable of recording 720p HD video. Samsung is the clear winner in this domain.

There is not much known about the connectivity of Samsung Galaxy Tab until the product launches in the market and gets a hands on from people. The tests that we have done so far were pretty impressive but there were no evidences of a clear win from either of the Apple’s side of the Samsung’s. The 4G connectivity might get Samsung ahead of Apple but things are not evident.

Samsung did not talk a much about the battery but the past experiences force us to set Apple iPad to be the winner when it comes to battery. Samsung claims to give a 7 hours playback while Apple claims a 10 hours playback.

Samsung Galaxy Tab makes a claim that it will be excellent with media support stating that it will be featuring Flash compatibility bundled with DivX, XviD and WMV format. None of these formats are supported by the iPad.

In a nutshell, my personal evaluation of all the factors states that the Samsung Galaxy Tab will be surely ruling the market in the near future. This might not attract the iPad users to change their devices but those in need of a new devise must consider this machine.


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