Nokia C6-01 detailed user review and specs


Nokia-C6-01 detailed user review

This phone has fancier looks like the ones from HTC. Design-wise it has the looks of a business class phone with its steel casing along the sides. The phone is also sleek with rounded edges at the rear side. The home screen is pretty informative with every available pixel made the best use of. The home screen would have shortcuts for the frequently used contacts, applications and music player controls. The information that is associated with the contacts is given a transparent background giving it those fancier looks. And below the display it has got physical buttons for the call answer, menu and call end functions. Other physical buttons found along the sides are the Power button, lock button, volume and camera button. Nokia has however retained the same button layout as in the Nokia 5800.

The phone runs the Symbian^3 OS, the first completely open source version from Symbian. This OS adds few features like multiple home screens, HDMI support and features a better User interface. Along with the Nokia C6-01 it is present in other models like the Nokia N8, Nokia E7-00 and Nokia C7-00. Overall the phone does bear neat looks with a clean UI. And with dimensions 103.8 × 52.5 × 13.9 mm and weight about 131g it is a quite compact one.

The phone features a 3.2 inch AMOLED display with Nokia’s CBD technology. With this the display could be viewed much conveniently outdoors. The display features a capacitive touch interface with Active Matrix OLED technology for optimised power utilization. As said earlier the home screen has got renovated look from the old Nokia phones. You can have up to three home screens for quick access to applications through dedicated widgets. And you can spice up with the mobile with applications from the Ovi store. The interface and performance overall is much like the Nokia C7.

The Nokia C6-01 is equipped with a 680 MHz ARM11 processor with a graphics accelerator. The processor is a good enough one for the mid-range phone as what Nokia reckons this one to be. It has 340 MB internal memory and an expandable microSD provision upto 32 GB. The phone is however shipped only with a 2GB microSD card.

Specifications-wise the camera is one great plus for the phone. It comes with an 8 MP camera with a LED flash. But the quality of the images are quite average, with nothing great to be added. For focusing on objects very close this would not be the best gadget. It supports geo tagging of photos and videos. The phone is equipped with face recognition software and has a front secondary camera. It can record HD videos upto 1280 x 720 resolution at speed 25 fps. Overall the camera would get 3 out of 5.

Not much change could be noticed with the Messaging application. It has the alphanumeric keypad in the portrait mode and the QWERTY on screen keypad in the landscape mode. The touch screen sensitivity for typing texts is not the best here. This would remain something which demands attention. It has sensors for Ambient light adjustment, a proximity sensor and a magnetometer.

On the downside the design could have been better. It looks good but does look like every phone from Nokia. Physical buttons could have been replaced by touch sensitive ones, like the ones featured in the WP7 and other Android devices. And as described earlier the camera images lack the sharpness, and the texting experience with the touch screen could be better.

The final word – you can go for it if you are a Nokia fan and got used to Nokia phones. But Nokia needs to come up with some innovative and novel design to stay in the race.


* Size: 103.8 x 52.5 x 13.9 mm
* Weight (with battery): 131 g
* Volume: 65 cc
* Additional size and shape information:

Display and user interface

* Nokia ClearBlack display for improved outdoor visibility
* Screen size: 3.2″
* Resolution: 16:9 nHD (640×360 pixels) AMOLED
* 16.7 million colours
* Capacitive touch screen
* Orientation sensor (Accelerometer)
* Compass (Magnetometer)
* Proximity sensor
* Ambient light detector

Keys and input methods

* Touch screen
* Front: application key, send & end/power key
* Side: camera key, lock key, volume up & down
* Finger touch support for text input and UI control
* On-screen alphanumeric keypad and full keyboard
* Possibility to use capacitive stylus
* Handwriting recognition for Chinese


* Available colours:
o Black
o Silver grey


* Three customisable home screens with the option to add widgets, theme, shortcuts and icons
* Customisable profiles
* Ringtones: MP3, AAC, eAAC, eAAC+, WMA, AMR-NB, AMR-WB
* Themes
o wallpapers
o screensavers
o ring tones
o pre-installed themes
o changeable colour themes

Power Management

* BL-5CT 1050 mAh Li-Ion battery
* Talk-time (maximum):
o GSM up to 720 min
o WCDMA up to 290 min
* Standby time (maximum):
o GSM up to 420 h
o WCDMA up to 380 h

Operation times may vary depending on radio access technology used, operator network configuration and usage.

* microSD memory card slot, hot swappable, max. 32 GB
* 2 GB microSD memory card included
* Internal memory: 340 MB user memory

Operating Frequency

* HSPA, WCDMA 900/1700-2100/1900/2100, GSM/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900, WLAN
* HSPA, WCDMA 850/900/1700-2100/1900/2100, GSM/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900,WLAN
* Automatic switching between GSM bands
* Flight mode

Data Network

* GPRS/EDGE class B, multislot class 33
* HSDPA cat 9 10.2 Mbps
* HSUPA cat 5 2.0 Mbps
* WLAN IEEE802.11 b/g/n
* TCP/IP support
* Capability to serve as data modem
* Support for MS Outlook synchronisation of contacts, calendar and notes

Requires data service. Data Services may not be available in all networks. Data transmission speeds may be as high as HSDPA 10.2 Mbps and HSUPA 2.0 Mbps, but may vary based upon network capabilities and other conditions. The establishment and continuation of a data connection depends on network availability, provider support and signal strength.

* Bluetooth version 3.0 with Enhanced Data Rate
* High-Speed USB 2.0 (micro USB connector)
* 3.5 mm AV connector
* Micro USB charging
* FM radio
* 2.0mm charging connector

Software platform & user interface

* Symbian ^3 for Nokia
* Java MIDP 2.1
* Qt 4.6.2, Web Runtime 7.2
o HTML 4.1
* Software updates Over the Air (FOTA) & Over the internet (FOTI)
* Flash Lite 4.0
* OMA DM 1.2, OMA Client provisioning 1.1


* Nokia Messaging
* Social
* Ovi Maps with free lifetime navigation
* Ovi Store
* Nokia Ovi Suite
* Cmail
* Ovi Suite 2.2
* Web TV
* Games

Personal Information Management (PIM)

* Detailed contact information
* Calendar
* To-do list
* Notes
* Recorder
* Calculator
* Clock

Email and messaging

* Easy-to-use email client with attachment support for images, videos, music and documents .doc, .xls, .ppt, .pdf, .zip
* HTML support for email
* Unified push email client supporting multiple protocols: Yahoo!® Mail, Gmail™, Windows Live™, Hotmail and other popular POP/IMAP services, Mail for Exchange, IBM Lotus traveler
* Email widget for home screen
* Conversational view for SMS

Call management

* Contact shortcuts for your home screens
* Advanced contacts database with support for multiple phone and e-mail details per entry and thumbnail pictures
* Favorites widget
* Speed dialling, voice dialling (speaker independent) and voice commands
* Logs of dialled, received and missed calls
* Conference calling
* Integrated hands-free speaker
* Video calling

Browsing and internet

* Full web browsing of real web pages
* Web browsing with touch control
* Supported markup languages: HTML, XHTML MP, WML, CSS
* Supported protocols: HTTP v1.1, WAP
* TCP/IP support
* Visual history, HTML and JavaScript suppprt, Flash LIte 4.0 and Flash video support
* Nokia Mobile Search
* RSS reader
* Ovi Store for application downloads
* Support for streaming video
* Social networking profiles visible in phone contacts
* Upload and view photos and see locations via Ovi by Nokia Social client
* Social networking events visible in phone calendar

GPS and navigation

* Integrated GPS, A-GPS
* Ovi Maps with free car & pedestrian navigation
* Wi-Fi Positioning
* Compass and accelerometer for correct orientation of display
* Use Nokia Ovi Suite to get the latest country maps for Ovi Maps for free

* 8 megapixel camera (3264 x 2448)
* 2x digital zoom
* Dual LED flash
* Second camera (VGA) for video calls
* Still image file formats: JPEG, Exif
* Face recognition feature
* Red eye removal, face tracking and automatic motion blur reduction

Image capture

* Automatic location tagging (geotagging) of images and videos
* Change photos with finger motions
* Images automatically taken in the correct orientation
* Economic sharing to optimise battery and memory use
* Pinch to zoom in Photos image viewer
* View Photos by tags, albums, slideshow
* Photo editor


* 340 MB internal memory, expandable to up to 32 GB with microSD card
* Included 2 GB memory card
* High-Speed USB 2.0 connectivity

Video cameras

* Main camera
o Take high-quality 16:9 videos
o HD quality 720p resolution
o Video capture 720p 25 fps with codecs H264, MPEG-4
o Settings for scene, video light, white balance, colour tone
* Secondary camera (VGA) for video calls

Video codecs & formats

* H.264, MPEG-4, VC-1, H.263 (CIF 25fps), Real Video 10 (QVGA 25fps), ON2 VP6 (VGA 25fps), Flash video (VGA 25fps)
* Streaming D1 25fps: MPEG-4; H.264; VC-1, RealVideo 10 (QVGA 15fps), 3GP

Video sharing and playback

* Access to last-played video and easy resume
* Access to Internet Videos, compatible with RSS feeds, and video podcasts, with direct wireless updates and downloads
* Video directory to discover new Internet Videos
* Support for download, streaming, and progressive download
* Support for Flash video
* On demand Webtv widgets to watch internet streaming TV
* Video call support (WCDMA network services)

Music features

* Nokia Music Player and mono IHF speaker
* Cover flow user interface to browse the albums in your music collection
* Ovi Music
* 3.5 mm stereo headphone plug
* Audio codecs: MP3, AAC, eAAC, eAAC+, WMA, AMR-NB, AMR-WB
* Bit rate up tp 320 kbps
* DRM support WM DRM, OMA DRM 2.0
* Stereo FM radio (87.5-108 MHz/76-90 MHz), RDS


* Stereo FM radio 87.5-108 MHz with RDS support


* Use the touch UI to play games
* Includes preloaded games
* Download games from Ovi Store


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