The Samsung UN55C9000 3D TV Review


Samsung UN55C9000 review

The Samsung UNC9000 series was probably the company’s top line of television sets released in 2010. Many described these as the most expensive and feature laden television sets they made to date. Some features include 3D TV ready, Wi-Fi ready, thin frames, include Internet App choices, 240Hz refresh rate processing speed, 2D to 3D conversion system and even a cool touch screen remote control.

HD Picture Quality

The 120Hz and 240Hz feature on the Samsung LED TVs have been greatly improved from the first edition. The feature was intended to reduce judder and smooth out the picture from that jerky effect many users experienced. Unfortunately, the cardboard cutout effect found on many previous versions still remained. The effect is mainly due to removal of natural background blur with film-based content. Luckily, this feature can be turned off easily. The judder will return, but this is okay with movies and TV programming.

The picture on the device is vibrant and can be described as super color saturated and bright with powerful lighting while maintaining good saturation in blacks. Side-angle viewing was found to be above average. Only at around 30 degrees off center we noticed slight decrease in contrast.

3D Picture Quality

Technically speaking, the 240Hz feature should assist with better 3D viewing quality than the 120Hz TV. Unfortunately, we still noticed flicker in almost all 3D content and with almost all 3D glasses. Some even showed worse than others.

Flashing is sometimes present also when the sensor in the glasses picks up light from somewhere in the room. This can be avoided by watching 3D in a totally dark room and may be an inconvenience to some viewers. The occasional flicker will, however remain.

Unfortunately, as with almost all 3D devices, watching 3D for a period of time did provide eye strain and a slight headache. This is not a problem found in only Samsung’s devices, but with all 3D devices in general.

2D to 3D Conversion

In a quick test we found that this technology did not perform perfectly. It may indeed be useful to certain nature documentaries. We think that it will still take some time before this technology is perfected.

Internet Apps

For some time Samsung definitely had some on the Industry’s best Internet Apps for their devices. However, we lacked the important Hulu and Hulu Plus apps on this device. The C9000 series also expands the list of potential Internet partners with Blockbuster, USA Today, ESPN, VUDU on Demand and Netflix.
We found the response time quite slow when using some options. The feature is wireless with an optional Wi-Fi dongle accessory.

Remote Control

Samsung UN55C9000 remote control

The C9000 comes with probably one of the world’s best remote controls. The colorful touchscreen remote is fashioned after the iPhone and is almost the same size and weight.

One advantage of the touchscreen remote is the fact that you may walk away from your television and still have the ability to watch your program!

Unfortunately, the remote needs to be charged quite often. There is also no remote keyboard on the televisions’ remote.


The device comes with a brushed titanium appearance and 1.25-inch razor thin depth. It also ships with a brushed titanium table top stand, which includes a number of video boards and components. The whole setup comes with a stylish and expensive appearance, which will suite virtually any household.


The Samsung UN55C9000 is now available on retail at a price of around $3999, which includes two pairs of active 3D glasses, a table top stand, a Samsung Blu Ray 3D player and wall mount brackets.

Although the device is one of the most expensive sets in the market, it does come with a number of extras, which could drop the price to around $3240 without them.

If you do appreciate quality TV technology and have the money to your disposal, the device comes highly recommended.


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