The highly anticipated Sensation smartphone from HTC – review


Sensation smartphone from HTC - review

The release of the new smartphone from HTC has been a highly anticipated event as this device is exactly as its name suggests: a sensation. The Sensation is not only the first 4.3 inch smartphone to hit the market, but also HTC’s first product that enables interface customization and that is capable of movie streaming. Most smartphone enthusiasts are very pleased with the ergonomic and enhanced design as well as with its optimized qHD resolution.

While you might think that, since it is a product released by HTC it is a rather big device, the truth is that the manufacturers have really outdone themselves this time to create a smartphone that feels and look small. Overall, the Sensation is actually a model that is completely unrecognizable from the other products provided by HTC.

Specifications: A quick look at its main features

• It includes a 8 megapixels autofocus camera and a dual LED flash that enables you to take high quality and clear pictures and videos;
• dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.2Hz processor;
• Although it is rather small and thin, the Sensation has a highly resilient and durable aluminum frame that completely covers the rear and a small portion of the front side;
• It contains a microSD card slot with a capacity of 8GB;
• The high quality battery that barely consumes any energy while the smartphone is idling, making it ideal for people that do not want to charge their devices every night;
• Movie streaming capabilities;
• 8MP camera with 1080p HD video capture and autofocus
• An optimum display of 540 by 960 pixel resolution on a Super LCD screen;
• Extra microphone on the back of the handset that reduces environmental noises;
• Instant Capture features on the camera to reduce lag when you take a photo.

What we like

The Sensation is definitely an important launch for HTC and they have done their best to create an extremely powerful smartphone. The processor is able to quickly load and display very detailed applications, such as Google Maps. Thanks to its progressive download capabilities and relatively fast buffering, a feature that is a must have for watching videos, you can be sure that you will be able to watch your favorite TV shows and even an entire movie without the fear of the video transforming in a frustrating slideshow. The 16:9 display ratio and the incredible qHD resolution contribute to a wonderful movie-watching experience.

What we don’t like

Even though the manufacturer claims the Sensation is able to play 1080p flash videos, the truth is that the limits of high quality display are actually somewhere around 720p. However, this is not the biggest issue of this device. Since it is rather new on the market, the average price is around five hundred pounds which, let’s face it, is quite a big sum.


The Sensation is the world’s first 4.3 inches smartphones and, at the moment, it is in a tight competition with the Samsung Galaxy S II for the best mobile device across the globe. While Galaxy S II may have its strong points, the truth is that the Sensation wins by a large margin when it comes to display capabilities and camera features.

In a nutshell

Although quite pricey, the Sensation from HTC is a quite powerful device with incredible display features. It does not look like the rest of the HTC family models that much, as it is incredible sleek and slim and it is equipped with one of the best long lasting batteries. On the other hand, this smartphone includes the app that defines the HTC device, the weather app. Therefore, you will find the eternal HTC obsession with the weather in a set of splendid visuals and those incredible sound effects that you are so used to.


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