Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S – still one of the hottest and slimmest phones on the market


Sony-Ericsson Xperia arc S
It’s not uncommon for a popular company to release a gadget, change a few things and then release a new product later. The Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S may look the same on the outside as its predecessor but there are quite a few different variations about it. You should note that the inside carries quite a few different features. The CPU is new and a 1.4GHz Qualcomm chip has been added. The operator might also notice a few changes in the hardware.

The sweep panorama feature allows you to take amazing 3D stills. The big question is whether or not the 400 MHZ is enough to leave you wanting more.

Camera Details

The camera is always an important feature of a gadget. The Xperia Arc S has an 8 megapixel camera that shows an amazing picture quality. The software has been updated a little on the phone which allows you to customize your pictures a little easier. The camera also includes features that allow you to adjust to macro mode or change the preset scene options. The two stage camera button allows you to have a little fun with the pictures you’re taking.


A new phone hopefully means advanced screen technology. The screen is plenty big with the same 4.2-inch Bravia Engine Reality Display, which was also found on the first version of the phone. This display screen is noted as one of the best touchscreens today because it is very responsive and has very a sharp structure.

Some would go as far as to say the screen is the best part of the phone. The screen has a resolution of 854X480, which makes for a beautiful display and easy to see features. The sleek look of the Arc S is also pretty noticeable. It gets old looking at the same old black smart phones on the market today. Sony was nice enough to switch it up for the users and implement a nice white modeled smart phone.


There is not much difference in the look of this phone and the first Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc. However, it’s still one of the hottest and slimmest phones on the market. You have a smart phone for a reason. The Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S has a ton of features that are making it pretty popular. Apps are easy to install on the device and that makes technology life a little easier. Timescape is an app available on the Arc S that allows you to “pull all your information together.” That information can consist of your social sites as well as your other important apps.

If you’re all for widgets, then perhaps you will get a kick out of the Favorites and Call Log tool which displays important information like your missed calls. If you were to touch the face of one of your contacts, then a separate contact page pops up. From there, you can message or call your chosen contact. This feature eliminates confusion and allows you to get your message to the right person.

Pricing and Availability

As mentioned before, the Arc S has a pretty reasonable price tag. Depending on the contract you sign then you may be able to get an even hotter deal for this smart phone. The phone itself costs around 500 dollars but the price may be making its way down. When the Arc S was released in September it was not quite available to US residents. An interesting fact is that the original Sony Arc actually costs more to replace than the new Arc S. We’re not sure how long that is going to last.

Arc S Wrap Up

It’s pretty clear that the Arc S is a sizzling smart phone competitor on the market. Many critics would agree that the actual touch screen and camera are the most well-liked features on the phone. Also, the phone comes at a low enough price tag, which makes it an even more marketable smart phone. The phone is fast and easy to maneuver as well. Not to mention the video is just as sharp as the camera. For a unique design and top-notch hardware, this phone has all of the rest of them beaten.


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  1. Staraveci77 on

    just received my arc s and have to send it back. i dont understand why this phone dosnt have 4g or a front facing camera. the sad part is those are 2 of the most important features on new android phones and other than that it is one of the best phones on the market, just wish it had those 2 items so i could keep it

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