The Klipsch Mode M40 Headphones Sound and Quality that Delivers


Klipsch Mode M40 Headphones
The Klipsch Mode M40 headphones are the brand new, over the head headphones, with state of the art active noise cancellation. It is an extravagant pair of headphones that are stylish and Klipsch’s promises that their new headphones will cancel noise for an extensive 45 long hours on a solitary AAA battery. With an exciting new dual driver array 15 mm tweeters and 40mm woofer these headphones are sure to deliver a crisp and clean sound.

The M40’s come with cloth-wrapped cables and adapters for ¼ inch jacks and airplanes. It is built from the same resilient materials used in high end eyewear and cables used in premium hi-fi stereo systems. It also comes with two storing containers a leather hard shell one and a cinch pack for space saving. The headset itself includes hinged folding earphone, and the sound terminating toggle control on the right earphone. The outside shell is contemporary, and the inside has soft touch coasting. The color is copper and caramel and is not available in other colors, but goes well with the other high-end gear offered by the Klipsch.

The cables are incredibly durable, and will stay in place under the left earphone. The inline rubber button remote is easy to push, and clicks to let you know you clicked it. The all directional microphone on the back gives clear and sharp sound. The battery door is in the middle of the left earphone and is easy to open, but will not pop open when it is not supposed to. When you fold the headphones for storage it clicks firmly in and out of place. On the right earphone is a toggle switch for noise elimination.

The M40s have high-grade leather wrapped memory foam ear pads, and the rubber headband is great for the cohesive look of the headphones, as well as for keeping the headphones in place on your head. To assist the fit to the contour of your head the inner cups rotate and tilt on a small axis. The head rails adapt for head size.

The noise cancellation does a satisfactory job, and does not cause the pressure sensation change. The M40s are thick and warm. The sound quality provided by the M40s is what you would expect from a Klipsch product, it is amazingly sleek, smooth and never compromised. It allows for the highest level of uninterrupted listening. The listening experience is comfortable and inviting the bass is enabled with the state of the art ANC so you get two clicks of extra volume. It has an exciting, velvety sound capability with a natural, buoyant tone in the treble department. They are impeccable to merely unwind and delight in your playlist.

Overall the Klipsch’s Mode M40s offer sound cancellation, a sleek and trendy design, an extra-long battery life, and exceptionally pleasing audio quality from the woofer and tweeter setup. Use with or without battery for a whole commute or listen to complete album collection, with the M40 headphones you are sure to be sitting in first class no matter where you take a seat.


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