iPad 3 shipments for the U.S., taking pre-orders by March 7?


iPad 3 pre-order 2012
Android isn’t the only one catching fire in the rumor mill, so is Apple. It seems that the aesthetics-obsessed company is pushing things to the next level with this recent rumor. Apparently, Apple is already shipping iPad 3 units to the U.S. from China. They may be taking pre-orders for it too.

An image of boxes filled with iPad 3 being loaded into a plane first appeared on WeiPhone forums. There is no actual visual of the iPad 3 though – just a plane being loaded with cargo. Along with it came more photos of documents containing shipment details of the product. The person responsible for uploading these images claims he works for the airline company handling these shipments and that cargo planes are scheduled to fly in to three separate locations in the US – Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles – between February 27 until March 9. The source also cites heightened security is currently being practiced in their airline company.

In a separate rumor, sources also claim that Apple will be taking pre-orders for iPad 3 given its rumored supplies about to be shipped to U.S. from China. March 7 is believed to be the date Apple will start taking pre-orders for their latest tablet. When iPhone 4S was announced, pre-orders didn’t begin until three days after.

A March release date of iPad 3 doesn’t seem far-fetched. A photo of the thicker-than-iPad 2 tablet did appear online a few days ago. If both rumors are authentic as their sources claim, I’m not crazy to think Apple wants to gain an advantage over Android tablets that are yet to be released in the coming months.


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