Koss unveils STRIVA Pro and Tap headphones – world’s first Wi-Fi headphones


A new line of headphones was unveiled by Koss today. Called STRIVA, the series of headphones lets users stream music over Wi-Fi. How, you ask? One method involves accessing audio streams over the internet. On top of that, Koss gives users the option to organize and access their favorite audio streams via MyKoss.com. The other method involves a tiny device called CAP which stands for “content access point.” CAP is plugged into a phone, laptop, or any other device with a headphone jack. The small thing-a-ma-jig transmits music directly to STRIVA headphones via WiFi. But you can still use STRIVA as traditional headsets and that is plugging the 3.5mm jack to a stereo device using the audio cable.

Koss STRIVA headphones come in two packages – Pro and Tap. Both have touch and gesture controls so you could adjust volumes and change channels by tapping and swiping on the face of the headphones.


STRIVA Pro is a full-sized over-the-ear headphone. It’s huge and only something that’s preferably worn at home and in the office. It has a fold-and-go architecture which allows you to carry it around wherever it’s needed. It has a 15 hour battery life when used with wires, and 8 hours when on STRIVA CAP mode. Koss STRIVA Pro can detect Wi-Fi of up to 300 feet in range. Along with the headphones, package will include the CAP wireless transmitter, 2 straps for attaching the CAP to a mobile device, an AC wall adapter, carrying case, setup guide, a 90-day limited warranty, and different cables for corded listening, charging, initial CAP setup, and streaming audio from any stereo mini output. Access to MyKoss music management system is also part of it. Given its one-of-a-kind technology, Koss sells STRIVA Pro for $450.


STRIVA Tap is a pair of in-ear buds and much easier to carry around. It’s ultra-compact design is perfect for on-the-go audio listening. The package will include the in-ear headphones, CAP wireless transmitter, 2 straps for attaching CAP to mobile devices, the AC wall adapter, carrying case, interchangeable ear cushions with different sizes, setup guide, 90-day warranty, and access to MyKoss. Koss is also including a variety of cables in the package for corded listening, STRIVA CAP audio streaming from any stereo mini output, initial STRIVA Tap setup, and initial STRIVA CAP setup.

Battery life is reduced to 2 hours with Koss STRIVA Tap and goes down to 1.2 hours when streaming music via CAP. The headphones can still pickup Wi-Fi within 300 feet in an optimal setting. It sells for a much expensive price than STRIVA Pro at $500.


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