Mohu Bounce WiFi booster – a cheap way to enhance WiFi signals at home


Mohu Bounce
Wireless routers transmit DSL and cable internet to WiFi signals. These signals are distributed evenly in small spaces like a rented room or an apartment. But in larger spaces, these signals become more faint the further you are from wireless routers. Getting more powerful routers with greater coverage usually fixes this but it’s going to hurt your wallet. A cheaper and more practical alternative would be to purchase an extra device, say, Mohu Bounce.


Mohu Bounce is technically a WiFi signal booster. The trick lies in its ability to concentrate the originally scattered WiFi signal to a particular area. It is made of high-impact plastic and light enough to be placed on top of your Wireless router. For it to work, you need to install one on the antenna of your router. With dual antenna routers, you will need two of this WiFi booster so you could direct signal to one or two areas. After installation, you then position the sleeker end of Mohu Bounce towards the direction where you want the signal to be concentrated.

With wireless repeaters, you have to spend extra on WiFi routers to boost signal throughout your home. Mohu Bounce simply concentrates signals on one or two directions for single and dual antenna models, respectively. The signal becomes stronger in the direction where Mohu Bounce faces and becomes weaker on untouched areas. Aside from stronger signals, the WiFi booster also extends coverage on that direction. Password-protecting your WiFi router might be a good idea at this point since the signal will likely reach your next door neighbor’s house to which Mohu Bounce is pointing.


• Strengthens and extends WiFi signals
• Boosts internet connection
• Lightweight
• Easy installation
• Can be pointed towards any chosen direction at will


• Color option limited to black


If you find Mohu Bounce too hard to believe, trust me – it works. And it does that for a measly $24.99. And you won’t have trouble connecting multiple devices to WiFi either. All of them get to enjoy strong signals when this device is used properly.


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