Leaked Photo Reveals Nokia Verizon Windows RT Tablet

Nokia WINDOWS RT Tablet rumors

Nokia WINDOWS RT Tablet rumors

Photos appeared on Chinese site Digiwo showing a 10.1-inch, red tablet bearing the logos of Nokia, Windows RT, and Verizon. Rumor has it that Nokia plans to launch this tablet in September. Few doubt the photos to be genuine, because the placement and size of the logos seen appear to be the same as those on the Nvidia-powered tablet, whose release Nokia cancelled.

Launch of the tablet next month is said to take place at a special event to be held in New York, on September 26th. Nokia has reportedly been working on getting developers for the event. However, they may have a hard time winning support for their new Windows RT tablet, because there are already critics who expect the Nokia tablet to be as big of a flop as was Microsoft’s Surface RT, which ended up costing the company a whopping $1 billion.

Nokia WINDOWS RT Tablet

Nokia WINDOWS RT Tablet

The prelaunch lack of support for the Nokia Windows RT tablet comes from the rumor that it has been modeled after the Microsoft Surface RT. That would make this new Nokia’s upcoming tablet, which has been codenamed ‘Vanquish’ the company’s second failed attempt at a tablet release.

However, Nokia is not completely without support. As they are considered by many to have the most attractive smartphones currently available on the market, the company’s expansion into tablets seems only natural.

While all the specific details about Nokia’s soon-to-launch Windows RT tablet are not yet known, it is said to be 2.1GHz, and offer Qualcomm’s quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, LTE support, multiple USB ports, a 1080p HD display, 32GB of internal storage, micro HDMI port, USB 3.0 interface and a detachable keyboard with integrated kickstand. Nokia will offer the same variety of colors as for Lumia phones including green and blue.


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