Android powered Acer all-in-one computer on the market

Acer Android PC

Acer Android PC

The Android software is not just for smartphones or tablets anymore as Acer shows the computer world that a 24-inch All-in-One computer can be powered by the smartphone software as well. If you thought that playing Angry Birds on your new 4.5-inch display, you should take a look at the Acer DA241HL and its huge 24-inch touch screen display. The device is about to open a whole new market for consumers and even though the group of those that can afford it, the specs will gain enough attention to boost sales for the growing computer company.

The new all-in-one computer will be released in Europe next month with a price tag that reads just more than $550USD. On the bottom of the huge display you will find a long speaker grille, which is a nice feature along with four buttons. The four buttons include one for input, monitor settings, volume and the power button. If you take the device and spin it around to the back side, there you will find a hinged stand and a panel that can be removed to reveal USB ports, an SD card slot, headphone jacks and microUSB ports.

Having a USB port on the back side is a nice option for when you are going to want to attach a mouse and keyboard to the device. The HDMI port will work very nicely when wanting to connect a secondary display such as a phone or another PC. On the inside of the huge tablet, you will see that it is being powered by the Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor, which will be able to handle all of the apps that come for the Android Jelly Bean 4.2 software. The keyboard and mouse option will work with the tablet, but consumers are likely to find that the touch navigation they are used to will prevail here.


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