Canon announced update for its Cinema EOS cameras

Canon EOS C500

Canon EOS C500

Digital imaging is a highly competitive industry and staying on top of ever-evolving technology is not an easy task. Technology product development was always inventor-driven process and still remains important in most of the cases, and updates announced a few days ago by Canon (one of the major players in digital equipment market) as a response to the market feedback is not an everyday news we publish here at Gadgetmania.

Canon announced a bundle of feature updates for its Cinema EOS cameras with new super 35mm sensor and further enhancing the maximum ISO setting on the EOS C500, EOS C300 and EOS C100, from the current maximum of ISO 20,000, to ISO 80,000.

This ISO setting will have a huge positive impact on imaging quality in most cases when you shoot in extreme low light conditions yet need detailed and colorful images.

Following user feedback and further increasing camera flexibility Canon offers additional features to the EOS C500 regarding cinematic and drama productions with possibility to shoot using wider colour gamuts, expanding high-speed options, new 4K1K for more cinematic aspect ratio of 4096×1080 pixels, ACES workflow, and different useful enhancements for other cameras, including EOS C300 series and XF300 camcorders.

The above-mentioned firmware updates for Cinema EOS cameras are expected to be available in Q4 2013, with XF-series updates availability in Q1 2014.

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source: Canon


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