The Intelligent Headset is direction-aware, provides a true 3D sound experience

Intelligent Headset

Intelligent Headset

Next gadget we would like to introduce you is an Intelligent Headset, however if you didn’t read our previous gadget digest news you may read them here:
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Just as its to-the-point name suggests, the Intelligent Headset is… intelligent. But that’s a rather broad term, while the IH is intelligent in its ability to process and deliver true 3D sound using motion and direction sensing.

The headset has a built-in gyro, accelerometer, compass which allow you to read accurate head orientation and direction regardless of the environment you are in.

So if you’re playing an augmented reality video game on your iPhone or your Eyefinity display setup, you’ll hear things slightly differently (and slightly different things!) as you turn your head left, right, up, down and side to side. That’s quite cool and can bring a new immersion experience that you can use on the go or at night to not disturb your neighbors. Just don’t play Amnesia or Outlast in the dark, OK?

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