22,500 LG G2 Units Stolen



LG’s new flagship handset has hit a snag after a total of 22,500 units were stolen from a truck in Indiana. The truck driver parked up at around 6;30PM in Gary, Indiana, and went for a quick break and left the truck unguarded. By the time he had returned, the truck was nowhere to be seen.

Not only is this going to be a pretty bad day for the truck driver, but it’s a pretty bad day for LG too. It has been reported that these particular LG G2 units were on their way to be shipped to various Sprint retailers across the United States.

However, LG are now missing 22,500 smartphones, and a massive total of $14,000,000 in revenue.

This is one of the biggest heists of its kind, although at this point in time we don’t know who the thief was and what their intentions were. The FBI and Indiana and Illnois state police have already launched an investigation, so hopefully they’ll be able to track the criminal down.

Despite $14 million worth of LG G2 GPS-capable smartphones in the back of a truck, the huge size of the United States could make it a wild goose chase for both the FBI and the police.

Funnily though, the $14 million worth of LG G2 probably will be worth a lot less to the criminal, and unless the crime is well thought through, attempting to sell large quantities of these phones off will be a tricky task, by which time hopefully the FBI will have caught onto the thief.

The $14 million worth of LG G2 smartphones will probably be quite a hit to LG, who have only just recently managed to rise up in the smartphone market.

This huge amount of devices could also impact the launch of the LG G2, and many pre-orders may now be missing.

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source: Cnet


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