Nexus 10 Inch Tablet by ASUS is coming soon

Google Asus Nexus 10 tablet

Google Asus Nexus 10 tablet

I’ve always preferred the build quality of ASUS tablets over Samsung’s, so when I found out about a leak for a new Nexus 10 inch tablet by ASUS, I got very excited.

Evleaks is one of the best sources for leaked smartphone information, and they have recently posted an image showing what looks to be a new Nexus 10 inch tablet by ASUS on twitter.

The leaked image specifically says “Google Asus Nexus 10 – 10” WiFi tablet” with a placeholder box for a picture of the new ASUS tablet.
Previously, a British electronics retailer Currys had the same tablet appear in their inventory with a price of £350 for the 16GB version, which is £30 more than the last year’s model.

That roughly equates to $565, but it’s probably will be available for a lot less in North America, as this was the case for the previous Nexus 7 tablets and the Nexus 4 smartphone.

Whilst we can’t take this leak as a guarantee, evleaks aren’t usually wrong, so it could be very likely that a new Nexus 10 inch tablet by ASUS could be released very soon.

Details on hardware specifications are sparse, but it seems like we’ll get a device with a better screen quality, a possible LTE version, and the latest version of Android.

The Nexus range has been very successful ever since Google announced the release of the ultra-cheap first generation Nexus 7 tablet, and ever since then the Nexus range has done incredibly well thanks to its low price and decent hardware capable of rivaling high end products.

The first 7 inch tablet was also designed and manufactured by ASUS, so It will be great to see whether the new Nexus 10 inch tablet by ASUS will live up to the great standards the company has set previously.

source: AndroidAuthority


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