Does this Metallic Frame Belong to You, Samsung? Possible Metal Casing for Galaxy S5


Galaxy-S5 A new image of a metallic smartphone frame has been making rounds on the internet- without any context it doesn’t really have any shine to it, but according to the poster of the image, this metallic frame is in fact for the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Samsung has received a lot of criticism for sticking with a less durable plastic frame and casing for all of their Galaxy smartphones since they started using the Android operating system on their mobile devices, but it’s stuck with them for a very long time now.

Design and build quality have definitely been on Samsung’s mind recently though, and the new Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition have been redesigned to include a textured faux leather textured backing.

However, despite this hardware change, the casing is still entirely made of plastic, so could this new image of a supposed metallic frame for the Galaxy S5 mark the day that Samsung make a move to a more durable and ergonomic metallic design?

The casing also seems to be slightly larger than that of the Galaxy S4’s form factor, which suggests that if this is the frame of the Galaxy S5, that it will be slightly larger than 2013’s 5 inch flagship device.

It’s not completely unlikely, however at this point there really is not proof that this image is actually a component of the Galaxy S5. The source states that the images have been taken by an employee of Samsung, but there really is no evidence to support this.

Personally I would love to see a Galaxy branded device made out of a sturdier metal, and i’m sure many other smartphone users that are hesitant to move over to Samsung could agree. We’ll have to keep our eyes out for any more leaks and information on the Galaxy S5 to see if it’s true.



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