Leaked LG G2 Mini Specs Seem Impressive



Once again, we have more intel on an unreleased Android smartphone thanks to the internet, and this time it’s through a leaked benchmark.

Benchmarks are usually the first way we hear a detailed description on the hardware specifications of a device, so when I heard that the LG G2 Mini specs had been leaked, I was excited to see just what hardware LG had planned for the smaller variant of their 2013 flagship.

If the benchmark is to be trusted, unfortunately the LG G2 Mini specs seem to be pretty close to other mini handsets on the market currently, which we all know have poor downgraded hardware at a price that doesn’t really fit the hardware they have been packed with.

To be precise, the LG G2 specs include a poor 540×960 qHD resolution display at 4.3 inches, and a 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor, which although it isn’t terrible, it certainly isn’t up to the standards of the flagship devices.

The LG G2 specs are best put side-by-side with the HTC One Mini and the Galaxy S4 Mini, which are both devices with prices very similar to the full sized LG G2, so unless LG can get a decent price on their mini variant, i’m pretty sure it won’t sell particularly well.

So far, Sony are the only Android manufacturers to have manufactured a mini variant handset the right way. We’ve talked before about how the Sony Xperia Z1 Mini has the power to go head to head with other flagship devices, but the same portability that comes with a smaller screen size and bezel.

The upside to the LG G2 Mini if you are interested in it is that it comes fully equipped with the latest Android operating system, which is of course Android 4.4 Kitkat.

Other than the LG G2 Mini specs we’ve seen leak from this benchmark, we know little about the availability of the device, it’s release date or it’s price tag, but we do know that the LG G2 Mini will be officially revealed and announced at CES 2014 next month.

Source: PhoneArena


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