More Galaxy S5 Benchmark Leaks Suggest 2.5GHz Processor, 2K Display & More



It’s that time of year again where the rumor mill starts churning out more and more information about the next year’s flagship smartphones. We’ve already been hearing quite a bit about the next HTC handset, codenamed the HTC M8, and now it looks like we’re starting to learn more about the Galaxy S5 handset too.

A new entry into the GFXBench benchmark has shown what looks to be a new Samsung device. Whilst there’s no actual proof behind this, leaked benchmark tests have proven to be a valuable rumor source in the past.

So, although the first thing to assume is that these benchmarks belong to the Galaxy S5, take this information with a grain of salt, because this device could be a completely different Samsung device, or a completely forged benchmark result.

The model name for this device is the SM-G900S, and the benchmark has a ton of information on the hardware specifications for this particular model.

The most interesting information shared on the benchmark is the inclusion of a 2560×1440 display, which is 2K resolution. It doesn’t mention the display size, but Samsung have planned for 560ppi screens in 2014 – this resolution at 560ppi would mean the Galaxy S5 would have a 5.25 inch display.

On top of this, some SoC chip information has been revealed. According to the benchmark results, the Galaxy S5 will sport a 2457 MHz processor, or in simpler terms, a 2.5GHz processor. The benchmarks it as a Snapdragon 800, but as this is locked to 2.3GHz, it’s hard to know whether the 2.5GHz processor is false information, or whether it will be 2.5GHz, but will be an upgraded chipset. (perhaps the rumored Snapdragon 805 with Adreno 420)

We will keep you updated on this as more news comes out.


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