Google Project Ara Conference for Developers Announced

Project Ara

Project Ara

The great thing about Google is that they are always pretty open about their latest tech projects. They have been clear so far that even though Motorola is being sold to Lenovo, Google will still keep hold of the Project Ara concept, and they will create their own team to work on developing

This is quite a smart thing to do in my opinion, because the concept behind the Project Ara device, if idealized well enough, could prove to be the next big thing in the mobile industry, and it’s value is certainly worth more than the price Motorola went for.

As a recap, Project Ara is a modular mobile phone concept that would allow owners to throw out the parts of their smartphone that is broken or lagging behind the rest of their smartphone components and then replace it with a newer, upgraded version. In simplicity, the end goal for Project Ara would be an open source hardware platform that would allow users to “build their own smartphone” in the same manner that PC building is so easily accomplishable today.

Unfortunately, unlike other smartphone projects under Google’s belt, the Project Ara concept has been kept closely to their chest, and the only details that have been given are official information, and Google is probably trying to do their best to stop any competition from snatching the idea before they do.

Luckily for us though, there will be a developer’s conference specifically for the Project Ara this April, and Google will be planning to share their Ara Module Developer’s Kit after the event. Google seem keen on the idea of letting every single developer out there have a go with the Module Developer’s Kit, so hopefully we’ll get more information on the upcoming technology, as well as the kind of things we can expect from developers in April. The official date for the event is April 15th to April 16th.



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