Steve Confirms It: No Mac App Store


The desire to have a dedicated app store for the sale of Mac OS X software has been around for some time now. In fact, ever since the iPhone’s application store opened its doors back in 2008, Apple fans have been calling out for something similar for the desktop. However, if a recent email from Steve Jobs himself is anything to go by, OS X users won’t be seeing anything of the sort anytime soon.

According to MacStories Fernando Valente, a Mac software developer, emailed the Apple CEO questioning him on whether or not such a service would become a reality. After the email was sent, Valente, like many others, was not expecting a response. But much to his surprise only a few hours after sending it, he received one. The email from Steve Jobs was brief and to the point, simply stating that “nope,” no such service is on the way.

Fernando’s email was sent following last week’s widespread rumor that such a service was on the way. The rumor hinted that the speculated Mac App store would follow the same principles as the current iTunes store, with a strict approval process also in place.

However, Steve’s typically candid response has finally set the record straight, no doubt to the dismay of some, but to the delight of others. There will be no Mac App Store. At least not in the foreseeable future.

Would you like to see a Mac specific app store selling approved OS X software? Let us know in the comments.

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