The W.A.R.P – iPad Game Designed to Defend the Planet


W.A.R.P. is a new physics game, designed specifically for the iPhone, iPod Touch and now the iPad!

W.A.R.P has awesome music and sound effects, incredible fantastic visuals and attractive game play.

W.A.R.P. Features:
▸ Use ‘Gravity Wells’ to attract and deflect asteroids away from collision course with the Earth. You can only have 3 active wells at a time so use them wisely!
▸ Activate the plasma shield to vaporise asteroids before they collide with the Earth.
▸ Play against your best score and test your skill against an ever increasing number of asteroids with different properties.
▸ Think quickly how the asteroids’ trajectories are effected by gravity and how you can use their properties to your advantage.
▸ Use Open Feint to compete with your friends and the rest of the world and see who can survive the longest and unlock over 25 achievements.
▸ Electronic soundtrack by dubstep artist Sick Rebel.
▸ Universal App – You can enjoy it on your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch!

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GadgetMania opinion:
Absolute must to have game for iPad iPod and iPhone owners.


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