Sony MDR-EX1000 EX-Monitor Earphones


Sony MDR-EX1000 EX-Monitor Earphones

Sony recently announced the launch of its new flagship earphones, the Sony MDR-EX1000.

The EX1000 earphones come with ultra large drivers of 16mm, which has been designed by Sony, for superb sound reproduction, according to the company.
The earphone drivers are vertically aligned to the ears of the user for more realistic sound, according to Sony.

The EX1000 earphones also consist of 10 different silicon earbuds for better fits for its users.

According to Sony, the 16mm drivers are able to deliver 3-30,000Hz of audio, which is at a frequency many humans cannot hear.

According to Sony, the new EX1000 earphones are possibly one of the highest end earphones ever produced by the company.

Earphone Specifications

Impedance: 32 ohms at 1 kHz
Mass: Approximately 7g (the cord/code excluding
Frequency Range: 3-30,000Hz
Sensitivity: 108dB/mW
Max input: 200mW
Cord/code: 0.5m (OFC litz wire)
Plug: Gold plated stereo mini- plug
The EX1000 earphones are shipped with an extension cord, 10 earpieces, an inner case and carrying case.
The EX1000 earphones will retail at an amount of $799.99

Our Conclusion:
The earphones performed very well in providing crystal clear quality. The accessories make the device more usable for its users.
Unfortunately, we are of the opinion that the device simply is not worth the $800 retail price tag associated with it.


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