5 useful and cool gadgets for your iPhone and iPad


5 useful and cool gadgets for your iPhone and iPad - Bicio
The iPhone has practically replaced specialized devices like phones, mp3 players, gaming consoles, GPS trackers, unifying everything into one very nice and compact device that can easily be carried in your pocket anytime, anywhere. The same can be said about the iPad, with its simple user interface and huge amount of apps that make it possible to do most things you do on a laptop or desktop computer (it even does video editing!).

But these two devices can do so much more if paired with the right accessories – just like there are apps that make them do all the stuff you want, so are there various hardware gadgets that extend the functionality even further. Here are just a few of the best:

Zero1 VooMote Zapper. This simple infrared transceiver can be attached to both the iPad and iPhone and it basically turns either of them into a remote for all your devices, from the TV to the air conditioner. All of the magic is done software-side, and it’s pretty cool being able to control most of your home electronics from your main personal device that is always with you.
Zero1 VooMote Zapper
GorillaMobile Tripod. If you’re often out and about or camping, or you just like to always be able to use your iPhone compfortably, this tripod from Joby is a perfect gadget for you. It can be used to position your iPhone in any way you want, on a variety of surfaces – it was originally meant for the iPhone’s camera, but people found out that you can use it as a steering wheel mount, surveillance camera (again, using the video recording feature), in-car GPS navigator mount, a comfortable holder for browsing the Web and video calls when you’re out and about, and more.
GorillaMobile Tripod iphone
Bicio GoRide. If you’re a bike owner and want to be able to listen to music or even watch/read something while riding the bike, this accessory is a must have! the mount case is also removable, so if you need to go into a store, you can take it off and put it in your pocket, with the iPhone still being protected in case you drop it. The manufacturer also promises to launch an additional battery pack that would also keep the iPhone charged while you’re on the move, which would make it even more awesome!

Bicio GoRide for iphone
DryCase Waterproof Case. This is the perfect accessory if you tend to be near water with your iPhone or are going on vacation on a sandy beach. The Dry Case is not only water-resistant – it can easily be submerged under several feet of water while still being functional. If you’re a swimmer and would like to swim with some good music in your ears, the optional waterproof headphones are also a must – with the 3.5 mm audio jack and touch screen being fully functional, it’d be a shame not to use them!
DryCase Waterproof Case ipad
iPad Camera Connection Kit. The camera connection kit from Apple lets you connect your camera directly to your iPad or use its SD card to view, edit and download any photos and videos you might want. It’s an excellent tool that lets you bypass your computer if you just went to an event and want to upload the photos on Facebook or simply see what shots you got.
iPad Camera Connection Kit
There are dozens of other great gadgets around for an iPhone or iPad – just hop on to Google if you want to find them. In my opinion, the above 5 are really cool and useful, to boot. You should definitely check them out when you get the chance.


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