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what gravity holder
Suspending your phone at a seemingly impossible angle with no base support, the What?Gravity is a nifty little gadget, but how does it work?!

Well, the trick is that the What?Gravity uses its puckered silicon back to create a vacuum from friction and, well, gravity itself to hold the phone in place! Clever! A phone remains safely attached to the holder, even when turned upside down (see the video!) Phone holders aren’t normally the most exciting of gadgets but this is definitely a neat little invention that adds a little bit of fun to your desk as well as being extremely convenient. The angle at which the phone is held means you can text and email easily and as there are no obstructions in the way of a basket or ledge you can even charge your phone as it sits suspended on your desk.

The phone holder is 170 x 67 mm with the puckered silicon back filling a space about the size of your average smart phone, leaving room at the bottom for a message or brand name. It is compatible with all phones and the silicon can be easily removed and cleaned with water, ensuring the longevity of the holder. Coming in silver, it is possible to have up to four colors included in the printing and the holder is also very easy to assemble, comprising of two parts that simply slide together.

This video is a fun test of the phone capabilities, how much can it actually hold? It has also been road tested by a number of professionals, check out the video here.

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