The ArtPro Nail Printer v7.1


The ArtPro Nail Printer v7.1

Starting your own nail design business has never been this easy! Thanks to a new device called the ArtPro Nail Printer, which was exhibited at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week.

The ArtPro Nail Printer is a portable nail art machine, which draws various color patterns on the users’ nails or artificial nails. The device works with quick and easy DIY nail art designs.

According to the makers, the device is a product of integrated design without any auxiliary devices and is small in size. The device is suitable for use in Image Design Centers, Beauty Parlors, Beauty Salons, Nail Salons and more.

The portable nail art machine consists of a camera, an LCD touchscreen with a graphics interface, nail holder, hand pad as well as a touch screen pen.

The nail printer consists of thousands of colorful patterns. Users can browse through the patters on the screen or simply enter a pattern number.

Users also have the ability to turn photos into new patterns. Photos can be added to the device by means of a USB flash drive, memory cards of mobile phones or digital cameras.

Users can also acquire a number of related consumables, which include nail polish to coat the images or add transparency. Each bottle of 15ml nail polish can be applied to around 800 natural nails or nail tips.

The v7.1 nail printer makes use of a Lexmark 10N0227A ink cartridge. According to the company, one ink cartridge can be used to apply 1,800 nails.

A video showing off the device in action can be viewed at:

A price for the device has not been mentioned, nor availability of the product. Users can find more information at the developer’s website at:


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  1. Abigail-Jane on

    Seems like a really cool product and would love to purchase this for my nail salon but can it print straight onto gel nails? Would it be possible to use a gel gloss top coat instead of the ArtPro nail printer’s to seal the design into the nail enhancement?


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