Top 5 accessories and gadgets for the iPad


iPad Griffin A-stand

The iPad has truly revolutionized the way people think of and use computers, and it has created a whole new market for every manufacturer out there. You can do almost anything you want on an iPad, except for maybe resource intensive tasks like video and photo editing (although that is also possible).

The iPad is very easy to use, giving everyone, from 3 year old children to old people who’ve never seen a computer in their life, the ability to use it to get information, communicate with other people on social networks and do a lot of other things.

While having the iPad itself is more than enough for most people, the capabilities of this device can easily be extended by using one or more accessories that you can find on the market. There are literally dozens of gadgets that can help improve your experience with the iPad and make it possible to accomplish even more kinds of tasks. Here are just a few of the best:

Zagg Invisible Shield. If you want to protect your iPad’s screen from scratches, there’s no better choice than the Zagg Invisible Shield. Zagg has been making these for the iPhone and other smartphones for quite a while now and they’ve been tested and proven to be very resilient and reliable. You can’t scratch them with anything, and if you do, it’s very easy to replace them. A kit covers both the screen and the back of the device, so you’ll have your iPad in pristine condition even after years of constant use.
Zagg Invisible Shield iPad

Aida Keycase Folio Deluxe. This is one of the best cases for the iPad, which also comes with an integrated wireless keyboard. It not only looks great, but is also allows you to use the iPad like a netbook whenever you want. The leather case is durable and allows you to set the screen at any angle you want.

Aida Keycase Folio Deluxe

Bracketron iPad Desktop Stand. If you’re fine with the on screen keyboard on the iPad, this cheap stand is the best choice for a much more comfortable typing experience. You can also use it to watch movies, browse the Web and do any other tasks. The stand allows you to set the iPad at any angle and it’s very stable, ensuring the device won’t fall or tip over.

Bracketron iPad Desktop Stand

Fosmon Premium Metal Stylus. Despite the whole “touch revolution” thing, styluses are still great gadgets for touch screen devices. Using one is like using a pen on paper, which a lot of people love and are accustomed with. The Fosmon metal stylus is great for capacitive screens like that on the iPad and iPhone, and it gives you much better precision when writing or drawing, for example.

Fosmon Premium Metal Stylus

Apple Wireless keyboard + iPad dock. I know there is a keyboard dock you can get from Apple, but I think the more expensive option of getting a separate Apple dock and Bluetooth keyboard is better. First of all, you can use it wirelessly and can position the iPad however you want. Second, it allows you to use the keyboard with your iPhone or any other device, which is very important if you sometimes just want to get your iPhone and the keyboard for notes. Also, the dock can be used for the iPhone, too, though it doesn’t fit one as well as the iPad.

Apple Wireless keyboard + iPad dock
You should definitely check out the above accessories, and if you like your iPad, but find it uncomfortable to use for certain tasks, I’m sure one of them or other gadgets can easily fix the problem.


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